1. Anyone can be a group leader for the cruise.  You do not have to book a stateroom on the cruise to be a group leader.
  2. For every stateroom booked as part of your group, you will receive $75 cash or credit toward your booked stateroom.  To receive this cash or credit, you must be named as the group leader at the time of booking.  There will be no retroactive credit given.  
  3. Once you reach 12 staterooms booked as part of your group, you can choose to receive a FREE interior stateroom (includes taxes, port fees, and gratuities – a $1,900 value) instead of your cash/credit.
  4. Any staterooms over 12 continue to earn you the $75 cash or credit.  There is no limit to the number of staterooms that can be a part of your group.
  5. People joining your group receive $150 per person off the regular rate, OR they can choose to use an active promo code if it will give them a lower rate.  You receive your cash/credit regardless of the rate they have.


  1. How do I “activate” as a group leader?

    You must activate as a group leader by speaking with a Reservation Team member at the time of booking your stateroom, or by emailing René Haub at rhaub@familylife.com.

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  2. Does my personal stateroom count as part of my group?

    No, when counting the number of staterooms that are part of your group, your stateroom is not counted.

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  3. Do I receive any additional discounts when I reserve my stateroom as a group leader?

    No, you do not receive any additional discount on your stateroom for being a group leader.  

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  4. What if someone in my group cancels?

    No cash/credit will be given for cancelled reservations that were part of your group.

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  5. Do cancellations affect a free stateroom I may have been awarded?

    Yes, they can.  If the number of staterooms in your group drops below 12, there is a chance you could lose your free stateroom.  You can work with René Haub, the Group Plan Coordinator, to keep that from happening.

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  6. When will I receive my cash or credit?

    Credits will be posted to your account quarterly, and the cash payments will be processed within 30 days after the event.

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  7. What if I have paid for my stateroom in full and am then awarded a free stateroom?

    The cruise fare you have paid will be refunded to you.

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  8. If I choose cash, will this be considered income for me?

    Cash payments will be reported to the IRS, and you will receive a 1099 form from FamilyLife®.

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  9. How does someone become a part of my group?

    They must call our Reservation Team at 855-208-8822 and use your name as the group leader during the initial booking for you to receive credit.  Our reservation team will ask if they were referred by a group leader, but it is important that anyone you have invited uses your name.  We can not give group credit if you are not mentioned during the initial booking call.  

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  10. When does the group plan officially begin?

    The group plan becomes available as soon as the 2017 cruise is available for reservation booking, however, bookings onboard the 2016 event are not eligible. 

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  11. What if I have more questions or need promotional materials to help invite my friends?

    Promotional materials and answers to all of your questions are available by contacting René Haub, Group Plan Coordinator, at rhaub@familylife.com.

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