Stuart and Tracy Palmer are the creators of a wildly unique marriage enrichment program called The Dance of Marriage. Five years ago they left their ‘normal’ life in Minnesota to follow a God-sized adventure through the South. It has been an exciting ride, to say the least. Currently on the tail end of the parenting race launching two one-of-a-kind young adults, they are head over ‘heels’ excited about an empty nest!

In their 27 years of marriage, the Palmers have radically pursued God’s mysterious design for marriage, this "Becoming One". Candid testimonies of their mistakes, trials, and victories will inspire you in your own pursuit of the best that God had in mind when he created us male and female. In the most recent decade, through God's leading and passionate study, Stuart and Tracy have developed this fresh and creative approach to coach others toward biblical intimacy.

“What makes The Dance of Marriage so powerful is that it is a hands-on, real time, learning experience where God reveals 'ah ha!' scriptural truths that make instant changes in your heart, mind, and picture of partnership.”  Discover that 'working' on your relationship can be fun AND significant, all the while laughing in the arms of your mate!

The Palmers travel from Mount Dora, Florida to deliver weekend conferences to countless couples in a variety of venues...even aboard a ship!